4 Marketing Tips For Starters

Starting a business is one thing, but selling your product or service successfully is often another story. Without brand awareness and a stable growth of customers or clients, there will be no real success. But how do you, as a start-up, reach as many potential customers as possible? You can read this in the article below here are very important 4 marketing tips for starters.

  1. Make it personal

When setting up a marketing campaign, try to give a personal touch to products or the service that you will put on the market. Generally speaking, people are more likely to buy a product when they can identify the product with them. One product lends itself more than the other; the latest app in the field of navigation may be easier to promote in certain target groups than others- for example – a toaster that prevents the burning of slices of bread. But if you focus on bringing the message how this toaster will change the consumer’s life in a positive way (“Never again burnt toast!”), People will soon become convinced of the necessity of this product.

  1. Appearance counts

Marketing is not only about the quality of a product or service, but the presentation also plays an important role. Whether it concerns making a choice for the packaging material, assessing the design of a new business website and accompanying brochure or determining a design for your business cards: be prepared to spend time, energy and possibly money on it. The eye wants something too. So you may soon give a presentation about your product or brand in a business relationship, make sure that it is taken care of down to the last detail. Apart from the content, marketing also contributes in making a good first impression.

  1. Take search engine optimization (SEO) seriously

In the year 2018 you, as an entrepreneur, can no longer ignore search engine optimization (often abbreviated as SEO). Using this way you can try to optimize the content (content) and the navigation of a website, so it will be ultimately scored better in Google and in other search engines. Customers come out faster to your website instead focused on your competitors. Most starting entrepreneurs do not yet have an extensive marketing budget. Compared with other marketing techniques, investing in SEO is relatively advantageous, though – if you were not born with a pen in hand – you will have to hire a copywriter to create and share new relevant content.

Good SEO results cannot be achieved in a week of time. Keep in mind that this is a certain period of time before you will actually see a stable upward trend in visitor statistics. But if you invest the necessary time and energy in SEO in the start-up phase of your company, you can reap the benefits soon or later.

  1. Approach your target group actively

If you want to bring your product or service to the attention of your target group, you can of course approach the media, but actively approaching consumers or potential clients is just as effective in many cases. Imagine: you recently started as a freelance HR consultant and you have experience with supervising employees who have faced with a dismissal procedure. Then there is a chance that part of your online network is on LinkedIn. Make sure you log in to the right groups and know what is going on inside these circles. Approach the people (where you see opportunities as an entrepreneur) who are faced with a problem or who have asked a specific question in a personal, but non-committal way.

If you promote your products or services on social media, you should always be prepared for questions and / or complaints from your followers and come to a timely and adequate response. Set up alerts so that you know when and by whom your company or brand was spoken and, if necessary and possible, contact the person who said something about your product or service. Someone can have a well-founded complaint about your company (late or incomplete delivery, broken wire, etc.), but if you speak to this person in person and in a friendly way and you can quickly come up with a solution, you can kill two birds with one stone: you can save the reputation of your company, more importantly, you probably still have a satisfied customer.